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Asako Steward is a tea specialist, tea educator and consultant working in U.K. and in Japan. Currently she is based in Japan,running Tea Academy Japan and teaching online for U.K. Tea Academy.


If you would like to know more about Japanese Tea and

  • not sure how to brew different type of Japanese teas

  • are confused with many different names of Japanese teas

  • are interested to know more about how tea is drunk in Japan

Asako can provide a custom-made online classes and online events according to your need.

She can also write an articles about tea in Japan, sourcing speciality teas to suits your need.





Asako Steward 

スチュワード 麻子

Asako is a Qualified Senior Tea Instructor with the Japan Tea Association (for black tea) and also a qualified Nihoncha Instructor (for green tea).
She was appointed Japan Tea Ambassador to the UK in 2017 to 2021. 

In 2018 Asako established Tea Academy Japan. She has been running independent courses about tea in the UK and Japan for the past 21 years. 
Throughout her work, she has wide network of connection with tea producers in Japan.

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Past and Current Work


Japanese Tea Masterclass in cooperation with Japan Tea Export Council

Kakegawa Tea Masterclass in cooperation with City of Kakegawa

Gyokuro Masterclass

Japanese Tea seminar for American ladies club

Judging at Café Culture

Fukamuchi-cha Masterclass at Postcard Teas

Japanese Tea Masterclass at UK Tea Academy

Consultancy work for a Pattiserie and tea retail shop


Japanese Tea Tour 2018, 2019 visiting Kakegawa and Kyoto

Japanese Tea Seminar online (corporate)

Consultancy work for Tea rooms in Tokyo and Kyoto

Sourcing speciality Japanese tea for clients outside Japan


Thank you!

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